We Like to Work With Innovators #4 AMT/3DPC

In the fourth of our ‘We Like to Work With Innovators’ Series we’re just going to show some results from the ongoing innovations being worked on by our print agency partners 3D Printing Cornwall.

In our previous post ‘We Like to Work With Innovators #2 AMT’ we showed that our material was compatible with the AMT PostPro vapour smoothing technology.

In this post we show the spectacular optimised results.

This vase was printed by 3DPC on a Craftbot Flow IDEX 3D printer and then smoothed using the AMT PostPro, with settings optimised for use with our Porthcurno filament.

This is 100% recycled Marine Nylon™ made from used Cornish fishing nets, recycled in Cornwall, made into filament in Cornwall, 3D printed in Cornwall, and (you’ve guessed it) vapour smoothed in Cornwall. The full life cycle from net to vase takes place within 40 miles and transforms a harmful waste into an attractive product.

Smoothed Vase
Made from 100% recycled nylon, using Craftbot Flow IDEX printer and then vapour smoothed using AMT PostPro

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