Production Process

How do we recycle used fishing nets into high quality raw material?


We have created a proprietary recycling process designed to operate on the harbour side embedded in commercial fisheries around the world. The process takes dirty, end-of-life, nylon monofilament fishing nets and transforms them from a liability into an asset using only power and fresh water.

Our process is so efficient, that it could be scaled to operate as a standalone plant, even in off-grid locations, and we have designed our proprietary hardware to fit in a deployable 40ft shipping container.

In broad terms, there are a number of stages:

  • Net collection
  • Net grading
  • Recycling in proprietary plant
  • Sales & Distribution

Net Collection

By embedding within fishing communities we can minimise logistical challenges and maximise the value of our operations through enhanced transparency.

We work with local fishing communities, making sure that they have a safe and secure route for net disposal, that we have a transparent, accountable chain of custody for a potentially dangerous waste and that both parties operate with minimum environmental impact.

Net grading

All nets coming to Fishy Filaments are manually graded before recycling.

This ensures that fishing gear that does not need recycling doesn’t enter the system, that materials which cannot be recycled are not included in the processes, that each material blend we produce is consistent and that an optimum product quality is delivered.

Proprietary plant

Our pilot plant is the key element to disrupting the current ‘solutions’ for monofilament net recycling and embodies over 5 years of R&D.

Our patent pending hardware and Probabilistic Shaped Particle Cleaning® process, which can be deployed in a 40ft container, takes the graded nets and automatically produces a clean, ready-to-use micro pellet.

Sales & Distribution

We sell materials direct from our pilot plant in Newlyn, Cornwall, to customers around the world and work with partners to deliver added value raw materials, such as 3D printer filaments.

As we scale-up and add to our materials portfolio, how we sell and distribute our materials is integral to our mission to deliver a nation-scale carbon emissions impact. We choose our partners with care and always with an eye towards the Scope 3 emissions of our own supply chain

Our Mission

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