0rCA® – Performance and Sustainability


100% Recycled PA-CF filament made from recycled fishing nets and recycled carbon fibre

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  • Description

    Product Description

    0rCA® is a blend of two blends – our Longships blend of Nylon 6 made from recycled fishing nets and a blend of recycled carbon fibres

    As both the nylon and carbon fibre are recycled making this the lowest carbon impact material in its class. Our current estimate made on the basis of combined results from LCAs is a 90% reduction in emissions attributable to 0rCA® when compared to virgin equivalents.

    Its mechanical properties make an especially interesting material for use in applications where exceptional strength and stiffness are useful e.g. mobility, high speed components.

    0rCA® is a technical, engineering grade material and is not recommended for novice users. It requires professional grade systems and processes to maximise its performance.

    As with most nylon based materials, 0rCA® is susceptible to absorption of moisture both before and after forming, though less so than an unfilled PA6.

    0rCA® should be dried prior to use and kept in a controlled environment between uses. Insufficient drying prior to use may result in warping, poor surface quality and an increased probability of failure.

    0rCA® is an abrasive material in the molten phase due to the carbon fibre fill and a hardened nozzle is essential.

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    Additional information


    1.75mm, 2.85mm

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