Born on the 4th July (2017)

We were born on the 4th July 2017, so today its our 5th birthday in this, the UK’s #NetZeroWeek.

The story so far;

– worked with the Cornish fishing industry to develop the world’s first commercial 3D printing filament made from 100% recycled Marine Nylon®

– submitted international patent applications for our revolutionary, deployable fishing net recycling technology

– provided 3rd party Life Cycle Assessments that show the potential of our technology to enable a substantial carbon saving vs international baselines and equivalents

– exported recycled raw materials to over 20 countries

– raised over £500,000 from 945 private investors in 35 countries

– received ~£25,000 of business growth support (in cash grants) and ~£15,000 worth of wider business support (de minimus)

– supported the development of dozens of new products from companies around the world, from blue chips to start-ups and micro-businesses

– supported the transition of existing consumer products to use our 100% recycled Marine Nylon®, thereby cutting the environmental impact of those products

– contributed to multiple national and international reports, papers, enquiries and consultations about marine litter, fishing gear disposal and sustainable business

– won multiple industry and business awards, spoken at multiple expert/industry conferences

– moved from ‘speculative and unproven’ to ‘established and well-known leaders in their field’

– worked really hard to lead by example and to back up any claims we make with data

Coming up (hopefully before we’re 10);

A scale up model for global impact describing a sustainable long term solution to disposal of fishing gear that provides around 20% of all seafood by value and volume

A measurable impact on global carbon emissions that respects the lives and livelihoods of coastal communities and helps build their resilience

Provision of low carbon impact raw materials that add local value at all steps in its supply chain

Last but by no means least, a return on investment for the forward-looking investors that placed their hard earned cash in our care

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