What is Fishy Filaments?

The increase in plastic wastes found in the marine environment is a global phenomenon that manifests itself on a local scale. Whether they are microbeads washed into the sea from their use in cosmetics, fishing nets snagged on the seabed, microfibres released from clothes when washed or even a tragic outcome of a tsunami, the issue of plastics in our shared oceans is rising on environmental, economic and political agendas.

Fishy Filaments™ doesn’t pretend to address all these issues. Our aim is to provide a win-win solution to fishing communities by taking end-of-life fishing gear and some of the plastics caught during normal fishing activities, then transforming them into commercially viable products that have the potential for a multitude of uses.

Our first product will be a recycled nylon filament for use in 3D printing. Unlike established nylon recycling routes our solution uses simple mechanical and thermal processes that can be achieved at a local scale and with no harsh chemicals added. Our next project is to complete on-going R&D on recycling larger trawl nets made of polyethylene and polypropylene.

We are currently working with the support of the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners, Fishing for Litter (SW) and Cornwall Development Company’s BIG2 fund to establish our first production unit at Newlyn in Cornwall, UK.

A successful fund raising on Crowdcube has brought in 407 new investors from 19 different countries whose funds will take Fishy Filaments into production.

Leap-CSAwards-2017-winner-low-resWinner of Best Innovator Cornwall Susainability Awards 2017

PIAlogo_finalistShortlisted in the category Best Recycled Product of the Year