What is Fishy Filaments?

The increase in plastic wastes found in the marine environment is a global phenomenon that manifests itself on a local scale. Whether they are microbeads washed into the sea from their use in cosmetics, fishing nets snagged on the seabed or even a tragic outcome of a tsunami, the issue of plastics in our shared oceans is rising on environmental, economic and political agendas.

The Fishy Filaments™ business model doesn’t pretend to address all these issues. Our aim is to provide a win-win solution to fishing communities by taking end-of-life fishing gear and plastics caught during normal fishing activities and producing commercially viable products that have the potential for a multitude of uses.

Unlike established nylon recycling solutions our solution uses simple mechanical and thermal processes that can be achieved at a local scale and with no harsh chemicals added.

Successful funding though a recent crowdfund campaign has helped buy the hardware needed to advance the project towards commercial production and we are now working with business development agencies to bring Fishy Filaments to the market.