Supporters and Partners

No business is an island and on this page we recognise the people and organisations who have helped or continue to help along the way.

A successful fund raising on Crowdcube has brought in 407 new investors whose funds will take Fishy Filaments into production. Those recognised below are not representative of the new shareholder register.

Providing samples and connections;

Fishing for Litter (South West)

Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners

The in-shore fishing fleet landing at Newlyn and in West Cornwall more generally

Crowdfunder Supporters (alphabetically)

The VIP seats

Thanks to Andy Ward

Thanks to Belinda Southby

Thanks to Transition Falmouth TFlogo_with_text

Pledges for a heartfelt thanks !

Thanks to BroomStick and Thanks to Frederik Muylle

All other non-anonymous pledges and donations

B Lucas, Bikecat, C Wallerstein, D C Briscoe, E Hall, E Rowse, I Ames, I McNeill, J Falconer, J Scanlon, J Walker, J Zammit, K Falconer (twice), K Hönow, K Price (twice), K R Hallam, K Rock, L Dutto, L Falconer (lots), L Jones, N Hatherell, N McCormick, N Roberts, P Ashton, P Somerset, R F Dawkins, R Goodden, R Silvester, S Brown, S Green, S Nuver (twice), S Scott, S Scott-Gatty, S Shaw, S Smith, T & D Darbyshire, T Henman, Tara H, Worth From Waste Solutions (twice)

There were 7 donations from people who prefer to remain anonymous but they also deserve recognition that respects their wishes. So thanks to them too.