Process - Fishy Filaments

How do we turn Fishing Nets into 3D Printer Filament?

Our innovative, environmentally-sound process allows us to recycle fishing nets into quality 3D printer filament

  1. The raw material

    Fishy Filaments Raw Material for 3D Printing - Fishing Nets
    Fishy Filaments is based in Newlyn Harbour, one of the largest fishing ports in the UK and is the first 24/7 harbour available to boats fishing the South Western Approaches.

  2. Washing the nets

    After carefully selecting the correct netting material, we steam-clean and tumble the nets in filtered rain water with environmentally friendly detergents.

  3. Granulating the plastic

    Once we have clean netting, we ‘mince’ it into fine granules which allows us to move on to the next stage.

  4. Melting and extrusion

    We feed the plastic granules into an extrusion machine which creates the finished 3D printer filament.