The phrase ‘Building Back Better’ is used with abandon by policy makers, but what does it look like at a grass roots level ?

Building requires bricks and mortar – a raw material and way to stick it together.

Fishy Filaments provides the raw material and 3D printing is providing a way to stick it together.

Our emerging eco-system includes;

Benthos Buttons – Born out of a student project with Finisterre, the Cornish cold water surf brand, Benthos designs custom garment fixings for discerning clothing makers.

  • Button in Place
  • 3D Render
  • Finisterre button with sprues 3
  • SLA Prototypes
  • Niall Jones Portrait

Ella Griffee – Ella is an emerging fashion designer whose ethos is founded in comfort, familiarity and security. An antidote to fast fashion Ella’s garments are hand-made to order using ‘deadstock’ fabric and custom buttons from Bethos Buttons to reduce waste to an absolute minimum.

J-Supplied – Owning Cornwall’s largest print farm and operating with both training and in-house design capacity, J-Supplied is championing the use of our materials and recycled plastics more generally. 75% of its output uses recycled plastics. As a print agency custom orders are core business but J-Suppliedis offers a full service from professional printer leasing to design and realisation.

Porthcurno Studio – An initiative from J-Supplied to offer a range of limited edition homewares, all made from Fishy Filaments 100% recycled Marine Nylon™

Porthcurno Collection

Limited edition 3D printed vases

Uplifting Products – The Uplift 2.0 sculpture by Tom Lawton was conceived as a focus for contemplation and has shifted our material into a different technology – injection moulding