We’re helping bring a new environmental monitoring network online in Cornwall with Tevi, the 4-way collaboration between University of Exeter in Penryn, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Development Company.

As part of our work to define our carbon emissions we were the first to install its Tevi FIRE-E energy monitoring package.

Now we’ve become the site of their first TeviNET base station; a combination of GPS, LoRaWAN and camera uplinked to give access to all kinds of environmental data through a network of low power radio tags. Tags small enought to be carried on the back of a hedgehog are available.

Details of the infrastructure can be found on their website

This project is in its infancy but ideas as wide as lost dog tracking to flotation device activation tracking have been ‘floated’ outside of its core use as a wildlife montoring network.

If you want to know more Tevi will be happy to answer your questions if you email them at [email protected]

TeviNET antenna

Installing TeviNET