Getting noticed is tough out there at the moment but there are encouraging signs that our message is landing; that our 100% recycled nylon is a tough functional 3D printing material that comes with best in class environmental credentials.

So who is noticing ?

Our partners at Ultimaker for one. They made us part of their stands in two of the world’s biggest trade fairs, TCT Show 2019 in the NEC, Birmingham, UK and in Westec, Long Beach, CA.

Word from the floor at TCT 2019 is that Ultimaker are doing a sterling job talking delegates through the members of the Ultimaker Materials Alliance and that includes multiple industry enquiries on our filament.

Its crazy to think that only 2 years ago we pitched an idea to the crowd and now we’re sharing space with billion dollar companies like BASF, Mitsubishi and DuPont.

We were also part of a leading 3D printing technologist’s demo at the same event.

E3D-Online were showing off their 4-way toolchanger and using our material to provide the hub of a 4-material wheel. Thanks to Greg @ E3D-Online and Mike at 3D Print Cornwall for the photos.

Of course we’re also in constant communication with a wide and wild range of potential partners and customers. We can’t really talk about those which makes it difficult to celebrate just who we are being noticed by, but be assured the word is defnitely out within the industry !

You can 3D print and save the world.

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