Be safe. Produce responsibly. Lead in the real world.

The world has some great mottos;

Be Prepared, To Protect and Serve, Live long and prosper, From evil comes good (we’re guessing that the New Zealand Dental Corps motto is something about diagnosis via halitotsis).

At Fishy Filaments we’re not quite as snappy but there are three guiding principles in what we do;

Be safe. Produce responsibly. Lead in the real world.

The first two kind of speak for themselves, but the third maybe needs some explaining given the current high profile that our sector has.

We gets lots of invitations to be a voice, to take an active leadership role in global debates, but that’s really not what we’re about. We’re not shy but we’re do-ers rather than sayers.

If we can help policy makers make better policy we will, but otherwise our product is our voice and whoever wants to take advantage of our super-transparent, ultra-responsible supply chain can. Every kilo of nylon we recycle saves 6.5kg of CO2 emissions and 35 litres of landfill space, so every sale is good as far as we’re concerned.

However, what we do like to shout about is that after just 9 months of sales we are now repeat selling into some of the world’s largest engineering companies. We are working with several industrial designers who are seeking to base products and even product lines on our material. AND we are having some really exciting coversations about helping to reconfigure whole businesses towards circular business models.

Despite all that behind the scenes talking we’ve also found time to export to 16 different countries.

Our material is technically challenging, especially for individuals and smaller companies that lack a dedicated resource, but the feedback we’re getting from the big players is fully vindicating our products. Those global engineering names are reporting great results back to us in 3D printing, but also now showing good progress in conventional manufacturing processes like injection molding.

The questions that we’re fielding now are not about technical feasibility they are “How much can you produce?” and “how low can you get the price?”

In effect; ‘can you embed your model for positive change in our supply chain?’ and we’re very proud to even be asked.

We’re building from a clean slate and there are conversations to be had and challenges to be met, but interest in our products is definitely growing, and so are we.

Look out for our small presence at TCT in Birmingham, UK and at WESTEC 2019 (USA)