In the second of our Materials Library in Focus Series we will highlight our work with Material ConneXion (otherwise known as MCX), part of the Sandow Corporation.

MCX is a global organisation with 7 full service bases; New York City, Bangkok, Bilbao, Daegu (South Korea), Milan, Skövde (Sweden) and Tokyo. In 2018 two of our shareholders visited the flagship offices on Park Avenue, New York City, just a block away from Grand Central Station. They reported that was as impressive as the address suggests.

MCX is probably the world’s largest materials library holding the largest number of exemplar samples. As a result it is the go-to place to experience new and innovative materials for designers working with some of the world’s largest corporations. An Image of the an Innovation Wall at High Point, NCSo whether its a new concept car for BMW, a new tablet for Logitech or new sustainable packaging for Puma the ability to touch and feel materials from all four corners of the world provides the equivalent of a business networking forum, but for physical materials. MCX’s customers can visit the libraries, can ask for samples to be sent to regional offices and even ask for custom concept walls be built to provide local creative teams a point of contact and inspiration.

In addition to the materials database and concept wall functions that are common to most Materials Libraries, MCX provides a richer content set and a wider media spread than most. We recently featured in its ‘Material Insight’ video series, a feature that was picked up by Interior Design Magazine facebook page (@interiordesignmagazine 4.7 million followers).

We’ve been working with MCX since late 2017 and regularly keep up with who is looking at our samples and why.

For anyone who wants to know more about Materials ConneXion and its work please visit their website