Two award-winning companies from the UK’s marine & fisheries sector are partnering to make commercial fishing a more environmentally sustainable industry.

Its a simple plan;

Fishers use their nets. Fishy Filaments recycles the nets at their end-of-life. Fishtek Marine makes the recycled materials into hi-tech fishing gear that reduces marine bycatch around the world.

Fishing becomes more sustainable. We reduce the amount of new plastic used and the emissions associated with its production.

Everybody wins, except the fish, who still make it to our dinner plate.

New development partnership signed
Fishy Filament’s Ian Falconer and Fishtek Marine’s Peter Kibel sign the partnership agreement

The agreement will see Fishtek Marine conduct R&D using Fishy Filament’s 100% recycled Cornish Nylon, with the aim of replacing components in its range of bycatch reduction technologies. Fishtek Marine uses injection molding and has in-house capacity to machine its own molds, giving it the ability to innovate rapidly at a component level.

Fishy Filament’s first recycled Nylon 6 product – Porthcurno has been independently tested and is already on sale into the 3D printing market in filament form.

Nylon 6 Micro-Pellet made from used Cornish Nylon

Both companies see great potential to positively impact fisheries sustainability through technology and to export their innovations to a global market.

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