Happy New Year Filamentarians !

We have delivered our first batches of 100% recycled Cornish Nylon and satisfied our first paying customers !

Success! Took a little bit of fiddling but managed to get super strong prints at 280C & 80C. It now resides on the @3DBenchy windowsill of fame. For a recycled material it is very good stuff.

@greg_the_maker (e3d-online.com)

Our filament extrusion supplier has done a great job with the 1.75mm diameter product but we have a little more work to do for the 2.85mm version. As a result we have two orders left on the books from our pre-order period that we are working hard to satisfy.

We’ll get there. In the meantime we’ll keep recycling Cornwall’s used fishing gear.

While we’re at it there are ears pricking up across the business world as it starts to wake up to the opportunities in highly localised, high quality recycling as opposed to the previous generation of ‘mix it all up and hope someone else will deal with it’ business models. Judging by the folks we met at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards, the commitment of Cornwall to addressing marine plastics of all types and from all angles of society, business and government should be held up as an example.

So we’re starting 2019 with a positive skip in our step, eyes up and forward, and not leaving things to chance but building an unshakable case for change for the better. In marked contrast to the rest of the world, life at Fishy Filaments HQ keeps on getting better.