Its been a frustrating few weeks and progress has been slow at our new compound at Sandy Cove, with lots of spells of ‘hurry up and wait’, but we’re now finally getting into processing nets at full speed.

All of our kit now has power at the right voltage, so we’re past systems test and integration and into full production mode.

We’re customising our compound to make it work for us. For example a new mat, installed since these pictures were taken, has been laid on the smooth piste next to the gate. The mat is to provide a means to sweep up net fragments and keep our site tidy.

View north. Progress at Sandy Cove

Our Sandy Cove site is coming up to speed

We’ve been operating an open gate policy to engage with any passers by, and we’ve had a few, including a visit from our next door neighbours, the Ocean’s Pride project. There seems to be a general agreement that recycling Newlyn’s used nets locally is a good thing.

View East over Mount's Bay. Progress at Sandy Cove

The view from our gate

There are still a few things to get in place, but with electricity comes activity and we are building stock through the recycling system so that we always have at least three month’s worth of material within the process.

View west. Progress at Sandy Cove

Looking towards Bowjey Hill

Next week we start to ramp up the wash plant and extrusion.

Its all go !