Well, we finally made it to Newlyn !

The weather here in Cornwall can turn on a six-pence so we took the plunge and shifted the production units from their interim site in a farmer’s field to Sandy Cove during a dry spell, and not a moment too soon. Even then we had some issues with a heavy dewfall on grass that has now fully recovered from the Summer’s heat.

Our first starter, Simon, is getting stuck in and took the lead on the unit shift while Ian was called up to London to pitch the company to John Lewis and Partners and Waitrose in their JLAB2018 event.

JLAB 2018 event. Pitching ways to help John Lewis Partnership eliminate plastic waste. Ian at the back middle, surrounded by innovators in alternative materials, low environmental impact products and low waste services.

However the move has interrupted production and set us back a little as we still don’t have a full set of utilities on the new site. Our shiny new compound has been built by the Harbour as part of their re-development of Sandy Cove and we should have direct access to all the used nets we can chew through, helping reduce their environmental and economic impact as well as providing a new kind of material for the rapidly growing 3D printing sector.

As a result of this progress we have opened our e-commerce store for pre-orders and free samples and will start to fulfill those orders at the very soonest opportunity.