We’re growing !

First hire, production units and equipment commissioned, sales enquiries coming in for our 100% recycled nylon

Some recent progress to report;

  • A significant grant win that should cover ~45% of the capital expenditure
  • First hire made and interviews conducted for second hire
  • Production units commissioned from Iso Spaces
  • Production equipment on order
  • Demo pieces delivered for display in New York
  • Sales enquiries now coming in regularly
  • E-commerce website under construction
  • Further technical advances made on the product and recycling process has allowed multiple blends to be successfully tested (Porthcurno, Longships and possibly a 3rd as yet un-named blend)
  • Independent test results now received and strongly suggest that the Longships blend will pass the safety requirements necessary for use as ‘packaging’. The ‘packaging’ use class includes some food contact applications.
Translucent base of Pineapple vase 0.3mm thick
Translucent base 0.3mm thick



Author: Fishy Filaments

Recycling marine plastics into 3D printer filament

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