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Ever been asked what item of yours that you’d want to put in a time capsule ?

Its a tricky one. That item will be everything that a 3rd party who sees that time capsule will have upon which to base an opinion of you, your impact and relevance to their lives at some remote point in space and time.

Do you put an idealised version of yourself, a ‘warts & all’ version of yourself or do you just busk it and see what happens ?

Fishy Filaments has been asked to place some demo pieces in a well known organisation based in New York City. While we will have the ability to replace them at some point in the future, those items will be viewed by opinion formers and decision-makers in coming months (and potentially years), so we’ve been working to try and deliver a polished but realistic representation of the state of the art.

Here are some of the test results.