Might seem like an odd thing to put a post up on but we thought that you might like to know that we’ve opened the bidding process for the contract to build a temporary home for Fishy Filaments.

The tender pack is available here and we’re open to bids for the detailed designs shown there.

Here are some renders of those designs

Outerview of containers

Well before we ran the fund raising on Crowdcube we did some work on the cost of housing the production capacity that we are starting off with. In Cornwall suitable light industrial units with a large enough stockyard and room to grow aren’t cheap and in my frustration at the problem of finding the right kind of accomodation I even went as far as raising the issue with my local MP, George Eustice, also the UK’s Minister for Fisheries.

In the end, and very much because we will have a friendly landlord in the form of Newlyn Harbour, having a small but custom built containerised solution makes financial sense. And unlike buying a house, we end up with an asset that we can move to the next port of call as the business grows.