Waste management & recycling is only half the Fishy Filaments story.

By transforming marine plastics into 3D printer filament we don’t just want to provide a cost effective waste disposal point for the fisheries & marine sector, we want to help shoreside innovators too !

The photo shown below is of samples of carbon fibre and composite material from a very well known boat-maker that we had exploratory talks with. The talks didn’t quite work out for good reasons on both sides but the initial idea stuck and we have since done the full scoping on a super-strength version of the nylon filament enhanced with carbon fibre wastes.

That’s not the only idea in the R&D pipeline.

We’re also looking at an enhanced refining mechanism for larger HDPE gear of the type sometimes found afloat by the fishing fleet and brought ashore and we’re looking at locally sourced bioplastics. Each material stream has the potential to add significant value to the basic business model.

But the only way we are going to be able to bring any of them to market is if we get the initial material, simple recycled nylon, funded.



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