Crowdfunder Up & Running !

Well, that’s it we’re up and running.

Thanks to all the early bird supporters we’ve already reached 14% of the campaign target, but remember that your pledge won’t be acted upon unless we get all the way there.

There appears to be lots of interest out there, especially in the ‘marine litter’ aspect of the Fishy Filaments idea, but that may be to do with the ongoing Sky News Ocean Rescue marine litter awareness campaign.

The more the merrier and its great that a professional media organisation is bringing its reach to part of the issue, but Fishy Filaments is a bit less bling and more hands-on and results-driven.

Over the last year we’ve built from the ground up, engaging directly with the fishing industry, making the local contacts and establishing the best way for the idea to operate in the real world. We’ve taken the time to work out how best to shred each type of net, to understand if the recycling processes involve a risk to workers or the environment, and to quantify power and water requirements of a sustainable business.

Now we need help to apply that learning in the real-world, changing a liability into an asset. Just for luck here’s the link to the campaign on Crowdfunder

Just to remind everyone what that looks like in practice the following photos are of used nets that we have taken and the refined recycled nets ready for extrusion into new 3D printer filament.

Author: Fishy Filaments

Recycling marine plastics into 3D printer filament

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