Not much obvious progress at Fishy Filaments HQ right now but we’re cracking on with building the crowdfunder campaign. There is lots to learn in there and some of the things just take time.

So while the cogs are slowly turning we’ve gone back to the shredding net waste and have re-run Net 1 through some post-processing. Obviously it was the first net we were working on so a lot of it was used as experimental material in quite inefficient ways. Of course that valuable nylon didn’t get thrown away, but it did carry quite a lot of contamination, simply because of the experiments and not because it was any more or less dirty than the other nets.

A new set of fine shredding experiments are in progress and some new filament will be extruded to see how the newly refined Net 1 material conpares with Net 4. If there is enough nylon left over some blending experiments will be run.

Also there has been movement on the extruder front (the aim of the crowdfund campaign). There is a new start-up in Bristol making extruders of the type that Fishy Filaments needs. Discussions have been opened to explore whether it might be a better deal to go with the ‘local’ firm rather than import from the USA or China. Price is broadly similar but service level & support should be far better.

So not much to show physically this month, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening behind the scenes.