The pace is quickening here at Fishy Filaments HQ.

Hot on the heels of the world’s first 3D printed body made from 100% recycled monofilament fishing nets, I’m moving on with a drive towards quality.

The world’s first was made using unwashed and un-refined monofilament, but the next run will be made of a washed and homogenised filament. This refining process uses a few drops of a simple, domestic liquid soap to help get rid of any impurities before a multi-pass homogenisation process is carried out.

The photo shows the results of the first pass. As you can see there is a significant colour variation in the granules. That is due to several factors, not least the fact that monofilament fishing nets are made of several different grades of nylon.

Just for fun I’ve also worked out the current cost of production, so if you want to buy my current granules you’d have to stump up over £820,000 per kilo to make it worth my while. You’d also have to wait quite a while because I can only make a small quantity right now, hence the high cost.

Of course this cost will plummet once we’re out of prototyping and into production, but it gives you an idea of why I will need to crowdfund my next step – The Big Push for Production Volume