While Fishy Filaments is a entirely commercial private venture of course we need partners, both to allow the business to function and to provide skills and infastructure that isn’t otherwise within our scope.

We’re proud to be working with Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners and Fishing For Litter (South West) to help provide a scalable local solution to what is becoming a very high profile global issue.

Our aim is to treat plastics as a valuable and recyclable raw material that can and should be utilised over and over again. The limitations on capturing the value of plastics that are already within the marine supply chain or lost into the environment then found are, for the most part, economic so that the challenge is in building and maintaining recycling models that add value rather than treating the plastics as a waste.

Solutions that focus on a single end-product can be vulnerable to changes in consumer preference and economic fluxuations, so we believe that providing a general purpose material that craftspeople, educationalists and innovative businesses based anywhere around the UK and beyond can use, should provide a more stable basis for a long-lived company.