Low cost shredding ahoy !

Those lovely folks at Bosch have lent us one of their brand new shredders. Its revolutionary blade system claims to be resistant to tangling so we asked for a demo instead of designing our own shredder or buying an industrial system.

The industrial systems are great but just too big. The smallest one is 160kg in weight and would need to be imported from China. UK-built solutions start at 500kg in weight and go upwards from there. They are really a non-starter for a small modular solution.

We did (and still are) considering an open source design built by a local engineer, but its not a cheap option suitable for a business start-up.

Here’s our loaner. We start shredding in earnest tomorrow !


Author: Fishy Filaments

Recycling marine plastics into 3D printer filament

2 thoughts on “Low cost shredding ahoy !”

    1. Thanks for the interest Nick.

      The turbine blade system certainly does shred monofilament nets, but not without caveats.
      I’ve learnt plenty even in the day or two of testing that I’ve done so far.

      The turbine system itself is, for sure, robust and better at dealing with monofilament than any equivalent price system that I’ve seen.
      The fundamental piece of engineering at its core, is a good design, and is doing a job for me right now.

      But whether it is THE BEST solution for a certain circumstance and mix of gear is what I’m trying to find out.
      So far I have only used it on monofilament but I haven’t tested it on my samples of twisted PE netting, ropes or float gear.
      So I haven’t decided whether it is THE answer for me just yet and it could be just one part of a suite of low-cost solutions.

      Watch this space



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